Every one gets it: Stress.

Between all the responsibilities we have and all the things we want out of life, stress is understandable. The thing is you need to find a way to manage it. To control it when it gets bad, to not have it make yourself miserable.

I found myself stressing out a few days ago, I had my taxes to take care of and lines to study, my head was overflowing with things I needed to do and achieve. It starting to make me feel sick. I was thinking, this is really unhealthy!

I looked outside the window and saw the blue sky, I decided to put my running shoes on and go outside. I walked all the way to the beach and ran for about 45 minutes along the boardwalk.

The beautiful view of the sand and ocean, the sunlight shimmering, seagulls flying around.

I stopped thinking about the things I was stressing about before, I was just focussing on the pavement, my breathing and the beauty around me.
I felt so amazing after my run and full of energy again!

What do you do to help relieve your stress?