I recently read Valentina’s post about canola oil, and I decided to never use it again for cooking or baking! But what do I use then? I know that using Extra Virgin Olive Oil is not good either, so what else is out there?

When I went to Sur La Table to buy me Le Creuset pans, I found an cooking oil I have never heard of before:

Stir Fry Tea Oil by The Republic of Tea.

It said it is USDA Organic, AND Trans Fat Free so I decided to buy it and try it!

The Republic of Tea website says:

“Cold-Pressed, Extra Virgin, and USDA Certified Organic. Tea seeds from the Camellia (tea plant) are cold-pressed to produce this exquisite and healthful organic oil. Sauté seafood, poultry or meat, toss into pasta or vegetables, use as a base for marinades, dips, dressings, sauces, or drizzle into stir-fry.”

And here is another review by Organic Authority!

Well, now after a few times using it, I can see it seems very light, works well, and makes the food I stir fry keep their own flavor. So I like it, and will continue using it. What do you think about Tea Oil?

You can order it on Amazon now!