Attention Foodies: this is a documentary about the love of food, and how food brings together people: Spinning Plates by director Joseph Levy.  It is a lovely adventure through 3 different types of restaurants, with the main focus on the nr. 1 restaurant of the USA: Alinea Restaurant and chef Grant Achatz.

I went to the movie on a Sunday night at the Landmark SunshineTheater in NYC and there was no one else besides 2 people and my friends! Too bad as I really enjoyed this movie.

I love food. I love to prepare & cook it, I love to eat it, I love to talk about it and I love to watch it being prepared.

As mentioned this documentary’s plot is around 3 restaurants:

1. USA’s nr.1 restaurant Alinea Restaurant in Chicago, Illinois, with chef Grant Achatz. He is the main character, and his passion for and stories about food I feel, lead you through the documentary. The way he thinks about food and the tools he uses are so advanced, it could come from a NASA laboratory. I really would like to visit it sometime. Grant Achatz’ biggest passion is for sure food, flavors and finding new ways to present the food, or prepare the food. It seems from this Spinning Plates documentary that his desire to create new food and restaurants goes beyond his desire to stay healthy. After being cured by a top team of doctors from life threatening cancer in his tongue, that could have ruined his ability to taste and smell, he seems to not take the best care of himself, only sleeps 4 hours a night, and is continuously thinking of new opportunities for food creation and expansion. He wants to be the nr1 restaurant in the World, he wants to be on top, and he definitely wants 3 Michelin Stars. This also includes creating a new restaurant called NEXT. The food business is for sure his biggest passion. A side note : After he was cured from cancer, he is repeatedly seen drinking from a can of a diet soda, which bothered us as we know soda and especially diet soda is not healthy at all! (Grant, go organic! ) One thing I really liked is that he is triggering the brains of his young sons by cooking with them using liquid nitrogen and other fun stuff like that. I think it is awesome to introduce young kids to the wonders of cooking.

2. Breitbach’s Country Dining, Balltown, Iowa, a Breithbach family owned restaurant since 1952. You see how this restaurant is a local favorite with simple home cooking, and it is a place for the community to gather. You can see this place is very important to people, and it goes beyond as just a place to eat. Despite a few setbacks due to the restaurant not once but twice being burned to the ground completely, they have rebuilt with the help of the local community. You see how the whole family’s life is built around the restaurant as well, as everyone helps out.

3. La Cocina de Gabby in Tucson is a small Mexican restaurant owned by Francisco & Gabby Martinez. They run it every day from morning to late at night. They serve food made by Gabby as the kitchen is her big love, together with their daughter Ashley,  who is also in the restaurant each day, they are trying to make a living by cooking for others, so they can keep their home. At the end of the movie we learned that they did not make the restaurant profitable and had to foreclose on their home. They hope to start sometime again! You can help the Martinez family by donating HERE>

To learn more about this documentary, go to the official website HERE>

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Love Lonneke