One of my favourite things is to hop into my freshly washed organic bamboo sheets after a Thalassotherapy bath (see my previous post).

The feeling is enhanced to a calm euphoria when the sheets have been sprinkled with the soothing scents of Lavender & Marjoram essential oils. You may know a little of the calming effect Lavender has upon the mind & body. Try googling Marjoram to read its amazing list of benefits! :D 

I sprinkle it over the pillowcases mostly, & inhale deeply as I fall asleep.

Another little ritual I have is to drink a calming brew of my ‘Tea of Flowers’ which my model/mum friend Helena first shared with me at night. It’s so simple. Mix together equal parts of the dried herbs Passionflower, Lavender & Camomile. Store in a glass jar. Drink a cupful before bed.

Sweet dreams!!

Love & Chocolate xxx Abigail