I just want to highlight a few small steps and additions you can make into your life, that are simple, easy, but truly make the world of a difference.

The important thing to remember: Do not get so caught up in eliminating this or that, but focus on adding healthy meals, practices and thoughts into your life! The moment you start adding, your live will abundantly change for the better, and everything else will fall into place. It is all about balance, and treating your body with gentle love and care. Therefore do not stress over the things that you are forgoing, focus on the good, and with time the perfect balance will be found for you and your body

My simple detox steps:

Dry Brushing

Do this before you shower or bath in the morning. It helps drain and stimulate the lymphatic system. It also improves skin texture and appearance (Hello summer and short shorts :) )

Coconut Oil

Use this after your shower/bath or anytime as a moisturizer. Hands down, best moisturizer you will ever use! Val wrote an amazing post on its benefits and uses. All natural, multi-purpose, life-saver.


Sometimes this is both over-looked and under-rated, but in my opinion the most important! As if you do everything else, but are getting a few hours sleep a night, everything else will be negated. So as you begin this week, set the intention of catching a few more zzzzzzzz’s than normal.


Lavender, peppermint, ylang-ylang, moroccan rose… any essential oil. Use them to relax, fall asleep, as scents, in the bath.


Drink, drink, drink as much as you can. H2O will naturally detox your body by flushing out all the unnecessary toxins and dead cells. Have a hot cup in the morning with fresh lemon, and carry around a reusable water bottle throughout the day. Heaps of fluids is key, for all of your bodies functions. Dehydration can produce some nasty side affects.


Green Juice (or any veggie green)

Try to drink a green juice everyday! Give yourself this challenge. If this is unattainable, then plan to eat as many green vegetables in a day as you can. Try different varieties of kale, lettuce, broccoli, green beans… the choices are endless. Green = the best.


If ever in doubt, or if you are feeling a bit off, simply sit down with a cup of tea and try to relax and let the days worries melt past you. There a million teas to try so you will never get bored, and with sweeter teas available, they will help curb people who have major sweet tooth’s :) My favorites are: Egyptian mint green tea (Gypsy), Kava Stress Relief  (Yogi), Rooibos, peppermint

Quiet time

Pray, meditate, take 10-15 minutes of complete solitude. Sometimes we just need the time to just be. No distractions of any kind. Allow yourself these moments, to be thankful, regain energy, or just to be still.

Get moving

Walk, run, jump, play… just get your body moving and your heart rate up and SWEAT!

I hope this helps a little!

Just remember to be gentle with yourself, listen to your body and know that any and every healthy choice that you make is a big deal. Don’t get too caught up with the details, just start adding more of this into your life, and you will notice instant changes.