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Delicous foods on the menu

Sandy Relief dinner with friends!

Dinner with friends for Sandy Relief

Dinner with friends for Sandy Relief

Hello all!

Yesterday I hosted a last-minute “Sandy Relief/Power ON” celebration dinner party for my friends! We cooked together and made delicious foods. We talked about the past week being in NYC and shared each individual story of being in Sandy and the Black Out. All these stories are intriguing! The city has been a weird place to live in the past week.   A tale of 2 cities in One, New York Magazine has a perfect cover that shows that.

My friend Thomas and I went shopping for food at WholeFoods on Bowery street & Houston. To my surprise it wasn’t that crowded. Most products were in stock, only there were no eggs left. (there were a few Organic egg whites by Organic Valley left though). Thomas was supposed to run his 9th marathon in NYC, but we all know what happened to the marathon (got cancelled).

With full bags of groceries to stock my back in power fridge again, we arrived home.

preparing foods

preparing foods...lots of fresh ingredients.

What was on the menu?

Lonneke cooking

Lonneke cooking

A delicious vegetarian meal! Amazing organic vegetable soup . Baguettes from the oven with organic tomatoes and garlic, an organic salad with Thomas’ own dressing, roasted artichokes from the oven, Pasta with a tomato based sauce and as dessert a Dutch delicacy: Poffertjes! I brought the poffertjes mix all the way from Holland when I got back to NYC!

Delicous foods on the menu

Delicous foods on the menu

I will add the recipe as a separate post. Everyone loved the soup!

All my friends donated clothes to Glam4good, a charity started by stylist Mary Alice Stephenson. A firefighter friend of hers is collecting clothing for families in disaster areas of Rockaway Beach & Breezy Point. This way I know for sure our gently used garments will get to the families in need! Look at how many bags we got from just one dinner with 8 friends!

dishes and clothes

Lots of dishes to wash... but also lots of clothes for the ones in need!

garbage bags full of clothes

garbage bags full of clothes

We had a wonderful night.Thank you my friends for donating so much! Thomas Acda (donated running clothes) Munemi Imai (donated scarves, gloves. hats), Jackie Swerz (donated a bunch of designer clothing), George Vellonakis (donated many men’s clothing) & Tina Louise (donated A LOT of clothes from her and her daughter). I am donating like 4 full bags of clothes on top of that.

if you want to donate yourself to Glam4Good see below!



Together we can help all these people get back on their feet. Every little thing helps!

Love, Lonneke



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2 Responses to Sandy Relief dinner with friends!

  1. christophe November 6, 2012 at 10:18 am #

    Hi Lonneke,
    Nothing better than a good dinner with friends after such an event and when I look at the pictures, it’s true that the menu looks really delicious.
    I hope you have recovered your apartment in good condition and everything is better for you now !
    It’s nice to see (in the media) that many foreign marathonians who were very disappointed not to run were also very understanding and helped ( like you and your friends) many victims of Sandy.

  2. Lonneke November 6, 2012 at 10:58 pm #

    Hi Christophe! I dropped off the bags of clothes and they really liked it! I know a lot of people say marathon runners should go to Staten Island to help out, but truth is: 1. there is a shortage of gas and traveling to Staten Island is difficult anyway. 2. It is not safe at some points as a lot of debris is still in place and dangerous. 3. People think you just show up and they give you a shovel and you dig out a house or put a warm blanket around someone in need, but fact is the past days the help wasn’t organized very well and while a lot of people want to help, right now the affected areas and their people need mostly products in shape of water, food, generators, warm clothes, blankets, personal care products. I hope most of the people will be helped soon and electricity will be restored also now cold times are coming! Love, Lonneke

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