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Running in the cold

Minus six degrees Celsius (21 degrees Fahrenheit) on a sunny Wednesday morning. Let’s go for a run! Covered like an onion in many layers I walk out, and I don’t think I’ve ever started running so quickly, partly to warm up, partly to try to get away from the cold. I was unsuccessful in the latter. Some moments it felt good, I almost felt warm, until the wind came by and cut through everything I was wearing and made me feel like a running naked dude in a park.

People walking their dogs stared at their dogs when I came by, as if to say ‘At least I have a reason’ and with the three other runners I saw there was an eye contact that said ‘no clue why we’re doing this, but it’s kinda nice, isn’t it?’.

Cold running, I don’t think it should be an Olympic sport. Now if you’ll excuse me, I’m going to curl around my heater in foetus position and defrost.


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  1. Chris December 27, 2012 at 11:40 am #

    Welcome to the world of cold running. I live in Canada and in my city our winters are minus 10-20 Celcius on the average day. I run with several layers and a jacketthat cuts the wind (Arc’teryx base layers are really good. Some mornings I too think to myself as I run into the apocolyptic deep freeze of winter “uh…wTF am I doing?” But then I remember that this is for my health and it beats being stucjk on a treadmill in a stuffy gym.. so I keep going! It is tough sometimes though.

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