marathon A new personal best. I suppose that summarizes properly the half a marathon that I ran with my brother this Saturday. There are other words that could describe the race as well, such as , sun and beautiful sceneries, but I like PR the best. I finished the race in one hour, 41 minutes and 23 seconds! I am more than pleased.

Running for charity

But I do feel like a next step in my running is arriving soon: I would like to try to raise money and awareness for charities, using running and other sports activities. David Gandy and myself are working hard on setting up a very interesting organization along these lines. The two of us have been talking about using our jobs for the good for many years now, and slowly the time is coming for us to act on it. But until that is finalized, I think I could start already trying to get some money together for organizations and causes that deserve it. Also David is working hard on it, training to run the Virgin London Marathon for Oxfam in a month from now. Click here for more information on that.

So, if you can think of any idea for this, please let me know!

Marius was a contributor for Organice Your Life between the years 2011-2012

 This article was first published by Marius Hordijk on on March 11th 2011. Updated in 2019.