The eighties are back! I know, they have been for a while, much to my delight (because of a persistent Michael Jackson/Karate Kid/hot pink neon fashion obsession). But now there is yet another reason to embrace the oh so campy eighties: the Rubik’s Cube.

Puzzles for your brain

Why? Well, rumor has it that solving puzzles is very good for your mood. For years the assumption was that we should talk about our problems, and we should dig in our pasts to enlighten your situation. All wrong, apparently! Sometimes, that focus on your problems has the opposite effect, as it means staying in the negative. What does help? Solving puzzles! That way you train your practical problem solving ability, and that will highly increase optimism.

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Playing with the Rubik’s Cube

Now, I can imagine that you find granny’s cross word puzzles slightly uncool. That’s why I always reach for my Cube whenever I am nervous, when I feel a bit overwhelmed by my crazy schedule, or when I’m about to have a difficult conversation. It really works! Well…of course it only works if you know the solution (see the link below), then you feel smart and inventive enough to conquer the world…

See my husband Ross Palmer solve the rubik’s cube in 15 seconds!

xoxo Maruja

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