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When I have a meeting in another city, I like to mix business with pleasure. So I always want to try out a really good restaurant in the neighborhood. This time in Utrecht, the Netherlands, we went to Restaurant Deeg. Sorry for the dark pictures but it was so romantic ;-)

I haven’t been in Utrecht as long as I can remember, so when Dirk & I strolled the streets of Utrecht with the Christmas lights all over the place, it was a really nice experience.

We had an early dinner date at Restaurant Deeg, a restaurant I found by searching “biologisch restaurant Utrecht”. But even though we were alone at the beginning of our dining experience, it felt really cosy and romantic.

Restaurant Deeg is located in the center of Utrecht, in a beautiful street. The building gives it a lot of charm. They even have a picture they have hanging in the back of the restaurant shows the building over 100 years ago. I just love historical pictures :)

In the back you see part of the old picture on the wall

So restaurant Deeg is organic, and serves a minimum over 50% of the menu vegetarian dishes. The chef only wants to cook with fresh, local ingredients, and I have to say he does a fantastic job!

They had a pre-fixe menu, of 3 or 4 courses, for a reasonable price. We chose the 4 course menu.

The server was very friendly and brought us warm bread rolls, with organic butter, salt, organic olive oil and a mix of delicious herbs to pour on our bread. great start!

restaurant Deeg bread

The Amuse was as I recall a parsnip soup with a cilantro mousse, delicious.

restaurant Deeg soup

For the starters, you get a choice of 6 small dishes, and you can choose 3. 1 included meat, 2 included local fish and the other 3 were vegetarian. We chose all of the except the meat one. They were all tempting our palate, and really out of the box. I loved the pearl barley risotto with a scallop. Each dish was small but all together was a good size starter. And if you share, you can each have a good bite. I also liked the mushroom starter and the salsify (? not sure if it was that but I think so) with orange.

restaurant Deeg Starters

As a second course we had the Gado Gado with spicy peanut sauce and a mini egg sunny side up, very great for vegetarians, because it was a lot of cooked vegetables.

restaurant Deeg Gado Gado

3rd course: I chose the pumpkin pie with mushrooms, vegetables and flower sprouts . First time I had flower sprouts. Flower sprouts look like a mini kale, but it is basically an inventive baby of kale and Brussel sprouts. Both my favorite vegetables! As a side you could choose extra vegetables, mashed potatoes or fries. Of course I ordered the vegetables. Not like most restaurants where a side dish of vegetables is usually an uninspired mix of veggies, this side had brussel sprouts, red cabbage and parsnip sauce. Dirk had a piece of fish and it had a delicious sauce over it.

restaurant Deeg pumkpin pie

Of course we were pretty full after this course, but we could not resist the dessert! We both had the cheese plate, a mix of local organic cheeses. The server even told us which farmer in the neighborhood made it: Boer Evert made one, and one cheese at least came from the village of Montfoort. They were accompanied with a bit of nice orange marmalade and fig compote, and a piece of bread.

The sweet dessert was a mix of 6 mini desserts: They were all good, but my  favorites were the chocolate ice cream with pink pepper. Talking about surprising your guests! And the other favorite was the cranberry sorbet with real cranberries. it was so good I forgot to take a picture!

At the end the coffee and tea was served with a piece of home baked “boterkoek” a buttery cake.

Overall I can say every dish was perfect size, and the way they serve their food, with the amount of attention, especially for the prize they ask for it, they are definitely winners for me!

We are already planning our next trip back to Utrecht only to visit this restaurant again. I hope more chefs around the World will cook locally sourced, organic and inspired food!

restaurant DeegRestaurant Deeg

Lange Nieuwstraat 71

3512 PE Utrecht

+31 30-23311o4

Love, Lonneke

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