I am not a big fan of working out to be honest. But I have to sometimes do it for my own health. I need to activate my muscles and my lungs so my blood can transport oxygen better to the essential areas in my body. I will get better skin, better functioning vital organs, and better muscle tone. But as running wasn’t my thing really, I had to find a good workout that I like, besides walking my dog, and one that will be good for me too.

I discovered the mini-trampoline, or the so-called rebounding workout already back in 2005 ,when I started to join classes at my local gym in New York City. It was so fun as it is a workout for all ages. It works the muscles but spares the joints. I would go 3 times a week and had a very enthusiastic instructor. The movements were very diverse and not boring. I felt very lean and flexible after just a few weeks.

urban rebounding

Another good thing: Studies show it actually works the lymphatic system, that excretes toxins out of your body. And that sounds like music to my ears!

It is really fun so every time I for some reason had to quit working out, I would go back to my rebounding workout to get back in shape. When you put some music on during your rebounding workout, you don’t realize you start sweating a lot. After 45 minutes of jumping fun you are full of sweat and the workout feels like it was no biggie at all.

It is also not really about how high you jump, it is more about how you jump. (you jump IN the trampoline not high up). It is easy, anyone can do it.

I first followed the Urban Rebounding system by founder J.B. Berns. I ordered an urban rebounder for home and watched his video to show me how to do it the right way. At one point I wanted to become an Urban Rebounder Instructor as I got so into it! But the online service wasn’t working at that time, so I couldn’t. But I still love jumping the trampoline.

There are a few rebounder brands, so you can see for yourself which one works for you! (see link below) The one I have now, the Urban Rebounder Gym, was $129,95 when I purchased it years ago. I am sure there are new ones available and probably different (and better) prices.

You can do it alone, or with a friend, both jumping on a trampoline. With my bff Maruja Retana we would together think of a dance routine, with the basic Urban Rebounding movements in mind.

For instance we would put a Song of Michael Jackson on, and then jump to it! You feel like you are an amazing dancer, because of the bounce the rebounder gives you.

it is so much fun and it never bores me!

Love, Lonneke

First published on May 4th 2015, updated in 2019