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quinoa with vegetables

Quinoa with vegetables recipe

quinoa with vegetables

Great recipe for lunch or light dinner! (eating heavier in the middle of the day and lighter at night is better for your digestion anyway!)

Shopping list for 1 (buy organic and local when possible)


-2 tomatoes

– 1cucumber

– handful of cashews

–  handful of dried apricots

– a bit of parsley


-extra virgin olive oil

Costs of my dish: Less than €5 per person. the quinoa you find between €2 and €3.69 per package depending on the brand, which I use to serve 4 people. The vegetables are about 2 euros for all the pieces together, organic cashews by Horizon €3,09  for 150g (only a handful you need). Dried organic apricots by Horizon € 2,40 for 250 g ( only a handful you need) All foods are available at regular supermarkets, although I prefer buying them at specialized organic food stores.

How to make:

Rinse the quinoa with water. Boil for 15 minutes in a stockpot with water and a pinch of salt.  Take of fire, drain and cool of with cold water. drain again.

Wash and cut in pieces (organic) tomatoes, cucumbers and onions. Mix into the quinoa with a bit of olive oil, salt, pepper.

Top off with cut dried apricots, cashews and parsley and you are ready!

You can add any vegetable, seed or fruit you like. Avocado tastes great with it too!

If you start cooking the quinoa and in mean time prepare the other food, you really only need about 16 minutes to make this meal! Woohoo!


Love Lonneke


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