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A delicious Indonesian inspired feast!

a quick vegetarian meal!


I like to eat delicious foods, but don’t want to spend too much time in the kitchen. Sounds like a dilemma? I tell you: you can do both!

One dish we made the other day was vegetarian and Indonesian inspired. It took me only 20 minutes!

A delicious Indonesian inspired feast!

We  took vegetarian chicken by the Vegaslager, which is delicious and can compete with the flavor and bite of real chicken. But if you want to eat chicken, choose organic, that’s very important. (you don’t want to eat meat that has hormones, medication so the chicken can grow rapidly from being born to a full grown chicken in sometimes less than 50 days! Not healthy, so choose wisely, always  choose organic meat) I grilled it on an electric grill in 10 minutes.

Vegetarian chicken satay

We cooked organic brown rice that was quick to cook, within 10 minutes. You can take regular rice that takes usually a bit longer, around 25 minutes.

We baked organic eggs sunny side up.

We added a bit of warmed up, pre-made organic satay sauce (a sauce made of mostly peanuts) by the brand Yakso.

Yakso satesaus



The salad was simple and so delicious! Shred a big carrot. Add a whole avocado cut into pieces. Add herbs/plants like parsley and garden cress cut up. Add pine nuts. For dressing: a bit of lemon juice mixed with blood orange juice. Yummy!


Eating fast and delicious foods is all about having simple, fresh ingredients. It is also fun to play with colors. Delicious foods are a feast for the tastebuds, but should also be that  for the eyes!


Love, Lonneke

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2 Responses to a quick vegetarian meal!

  1. Jimena Cortazar January 28, 2013 at 4:18 pm #

    How can you call VEGETARIAN a meal that includes CHICKEN AND EGGS ??? NO MATTER HOW WELL THE CHICKEN HAS BEEN TAKEN CARE OFF… You are eating chicken and eggs. Could U Please explain how this is possible ? . Thank you !

  2. Lonneke January 29, 2013 at 10:22 am #

    HI Jimena! It is actually an ova-vegetarian meal: a meal that is totally vegetarian, with the use of eggs. Lacto vegetarians also eat milk products like cheese and yoghurt. “Vegetarian” means no use of animals in the preparation of the food. Vegan means no use of anything coming from animals (no meat, no eggs , no milk etc) in the meal. So this was a (ovo-) vegetarian meal I prepared. The vegetarian chicken I used was from De Vegetarische Slager, a shop in the Hague, the Netherlands that make plant based foods that taste and look like meat and chicken. I added that if you want to eat real chicken instead of the “vegetarian chicken” you can switch that, but then you should eat organic chicken to avoid antibiotics…. because some people do still eat meat even though my dish was vegetarian. I hope this clarifies a bit! Love, Lonneke

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