Someone told me not too long ago about the health benefits of Pure Oregano Oil. That it is antiseptic, and antiviral, and works against fungi and candida.

I went to the local health store in NYC, and found it!

I found it by Quantum, and a small bottle was almost 30 dollars.

I have heard before that Quantum is a good brand, and that they have the best herbal concentrates in the industry, and the herbs have not been radiated or sprayed.

I opened it, and it smelled so strong!

I am sure I was going to be in trouble in case it would break in the airplane or something, as only 1 drop smells incredibly strong.

They recommend not more than 3 drops diluted in lots of water per day. But I also inhale it one or 2 times, as I was told that kills germs and bacterias too!

Other uses are a drop in shampoo, or hand soap, to eliminate germs.

So I guess besides oregano being a tasty herb to season your food when cooking, it has many other uses! I guess this makes you think twice about oregano when you put it on your pizza or in another italian recipe!

If you want more information or order it, go to the links below!