Pure Food & Wine
Pure Food & Wine

One of my favorite restaurants for dinner in NYC is a raw food one!

Pure Food and Wine on Irving Place, serves the most delicious raw food in the city! All the juices are great, the salads too.

One Lucky Duck Logo
One Lucky Duck logo

My friends and I are going there regularly to chat and have amazing food and brainstorm on how to save the Earth too!

Rens & Lonneke
Rens & Lonneke love Pure Food & Wine
Valentina & her bike
Top model & OYL contributor Valentina loves Pure Food & Wine too, she even bikes there…. She uses her bike to go everywhere!

Other dishes you have to try:  The lasagna  (made of ripe tomatoes in different colors, and fresh pesto), The Spicy Thai Lettuce wraps (made with  shredded veggies in a nice sauce), and the daily specials.

Other favorites:

The raw ice creams are really yummy (Did I say raw? Yes indeed it is all cold and raw!)

My favorite Juice is the Hot Pink:

Hot Pink Juice
Hot Pink Juice in the large garden.

My favorite salad is the Spicy Sesame Salad:

Spicy Sesame Salad
Spicy Sesame Salad

My favorite dessert are the Mallomar and Lemon Bar.

Lemon Bar
Lemon Bar

By the way: “Raw” means the ingredients are not heated above 118 degrees Fahrenheit. It keeps the enzymes intact, and the rawfoodies say therefore it is better for you.

Try it if you are in Manhattan sometime. ( especially in the summer raw food is great, as it is light and refreshing.)

Pure Food & Wine
54 irving Place
New York, NY 10003

If you don’t want to sit down but just want to take out, go to One Lucky Duck around the corner on 17th street! There is also a location at the Chelsea Market.

One Lucky Duck
One Lucky Duck


Follow Pure Food and Wine on Twitter and  owner Sarma for great tips and news!

UPDATE: This restaurant has since gone out of business.