I am the biggest advocate of taking naps. It gives you a lot of energy to excel the rest of the day!

Why you should take power naps

In my monthly column on www.youbeauty.com, I recently wrote that sleeping is probably my favorite hobby 

When I was younger, I would always take a nap just right after I came home from school, before starting my homework.

Right now, in between pictures on a shoot, or when I am at home working, I still take naps.

How to take a power nap

It does not really have to last a long time, it can be between 15 to 30 min. You can lay down on a bed, sofa, out on a field of grass or on a floor! Even in your lunch break you could enjoy a moment of sleep. (If you are one of the lucky ones who enjoy having an office by themselves).

I believe naps are the best thing for you to revive yourself, so go close your eyes and doze off for 15 minutes or so!

Love, Lonneke

First published on December 18th 2011, updated in 2019