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Polite Running

Here’s something fun to do while running: as soon as you get to more deserted spots (parks, forest, little roads etc) say hello to everyone. It is so much fun, most city people just do not expect a hello. Or a smile, or a nod. Feeling good? Give them a smile, hello and a nod!

Don’t worry that you have weird red spots in your face, you might have a slipstream smelling of sweat, give a smile! Lookin’ purple, out of breath? Say hello! Yes, you might terrify some people (especially the ones purposely avoiding eye contact as to not get into a strange stare with a stranger) but mostly, you get a happy ‘hello’ back. Or a ‘hi’. I even received a ‘what’up’ today.

Polite running. It should be an Olympic sport.

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One Response to Polite Running

  1. christophe December 29, 2012 at 1:20 pm #

    Hi Marius,
    Very happy to see a new Article from you.
    I’m agree with you Marius,when you run, it is a good thing to smile and give a nod to everyone … especially for girls !!! …. Oh my god ! …. if my girlfriend read my comment, she will kill me ! … but it does not matter, because the principal is to smile and be enthusiastic.(it’s better than always makes mouth !!!!!).
    It is always a pleasure to read your articles Marius.
    Happy New Year 2013

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