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Play a game for fun and for your brain!

I find them still amazing: The old board games!

The old board games especially look great. I love the design of the games of the 70’s and the 80’s. The time when internet was not used throughout the world, and families spend more time together to play games at night….

My boyfriend and I play Yathzee a lot with friends. You just need 5 dice and a paper to write down your score, That’s It! It does not cost much and gives you a lot of joy.

When I was younger I always played the game of Life. Trying to collect as many babies as possible (you would get money for that) and get the best job and best retirement fund. It was fun! Although my real life looks a bit different than what I got when I played it.

These days we play more games online, in a virtual world. Playing poker online is a favorite, I play online too sometimes, but nothing beats the board games. Or making a puzzle from Jigsaw, or doing crosswordpuzzles in magazines.

Playing games is supposedly good for your brain too. I have heard that if you solve a crossword puzzle every night before you go to bed , it helps train your brain. Still have to find scientific proof for that, but that’s what I heard when I grew up. So I do that, or I play a game online once a while.

I am kind of addicted to Mahjongcon online. It is so fun! Or when I have to wait a long time at the airport, I play a game on my Blackberry. Poker or Brickbreaker, until I have a high score.

They are good for spending your time, or to train your brain, but what I find most important is that it is fun! Especially when you play games with friends or family. Since a lot of you go home for Easter, maybe play a game with your loved ones?

Dust off the board games and play a game!

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2 Responses to Play a game for fun and for your brain!

  1. Abigail April 30, 2012 at 11:18 am #

    SUCH a good idea! Those good ol’ fashioned moments! Thanks Lonneke xx :)) Love

  2. Abigail April 30, 2012 at 11:18 am #

    Great post! Those good ol’ fashioned moments! Thanks Lonneke xx :)) Love

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