I’m sure that for most of you, it is pretty obvious that in a modern society like ours we can buy bottled water almost everywhere.

On one hand, I’m pretty happy to find access to pure water almost everywhere I happen to be.  On the other hand, 1.5 million tons of plastic waste, made from over 80 percent of plastic bottles we throw away every year makes me think: are there any alternatives to drinking water without it coming in plastic bottles?  It is not only better for the environment, and drinking out of a plastic bottle might not be so healthy either!  Yes, there are great options to cut the plastic habit.

Various companies came up with a pretty simple product that can easily reduce waste made up by from plastic bottles.  Its called a reusable bottle, and again, I’m sure that most of you have a pretty clear idea what I mean, but I added a picture just in case.

I got my first reusable bottle last December while enjoying the evening at the Pura Vida Party, a party organized by Lonneke Engel to support solutions to the many tons of plastic waste created by the Fashion Industry.  A lot of people came and enjoyed the organic drinks and food by Gusto Organics, the music by Maruja Retana, DJ Adi Neumann, and others.

There were 2 great sponsors:  the first was Natura Water, an amazing water filtration system company, mostly known in the restaurant business, but they are coming out with a residential model soon.  The second sponsor was Sigg, maker of durable reusable bottles.  At the end of the night, all the guests happily walked out with a brand new designer reusable bottle.  How cool is that?!  Getting a free gift, that is also giving you the choice to become more eco-friendly!

I fill up and use my Sigg bottle everyday!  So far it has saved me from buying almost 300 plastic bottles since I got it.  Isn’t that incredible?  My daily action that results in decreasing the plastic waste makes me feel very proud of myself.  Thankfully I’m not the only one, but one of many.  Everyday I see more and more people carry their personal reusable (SIGG) bottles and save themselves from drinking plastic water.

A positive habit that affects us and our planet.

Try it for yourself!