The greatest change happens because of people that are deeply passionate, and have a great love for the work they do.

If you want to make a difference in the world, the single most important thing you can do is consciously and deliberately choose to do work that you are passionate about.

No other choice can have a greater impact on the planet, or your life!

If you’re doing work that’s boring, you probably won’t make much of an impact. You might provide people with some amount of value. Enough to pay your rent, enough to get by. But you won’t be inciting change. And you certainly won’t be inspiring others.

If you’re doing boring work, chances are you are living a boring life!

But if you do work that excites you, keeps you up at night, and fulfills you… you’ll do more. You’ll give yourself to it completely. You’ll put in extra time, more energy, more passion. Because it’s worth it. It’s satisfying.

So the real question isn’t whether or not to do boring or passionate work, but to get started straight away.

  • Find your PASSION
  • Find your STRENGTHS
  • Find your VALUE
  • Make the COMMITMENT

Start saying YES to yourself, over and over. We automatically think we can’t do something, before we see ourselves actually doing AND achieving it! We have to fight past our minds and start saying YES.

Clarity and commitment. The world needs you to do what you love. Nothing else can create more change, or have a greater impact!

Live Passionately.