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Pamper yourself: Get a massage

Every time I go to get a massage, I think ” I should do this more often!”. But of course  I always forget to arrange it regularly. Only when I get a back ache, I go. I should change that.

I am talking about getting a massage! It feels amazing to relax in a nice place, with soft music on, and just having someone massage your body, and loosen the places that are tight. My modeling, stress, working on this website, it all gets stuck in my muscles. And it needs to get loose.

In certain occassions, my mind still goes crazy thinking of ideas when I am on a massage table. But luckily most of the time I get so at ease, that I actually fall asleep.

I feel like a new person when I get up after. I really think you are more creative, productive or just do everything better, if your body does feel loose and fit. So I recommend everyone to get a massage once a while. I mean, you only have one body and you should take care of it. See this as a check up you would do on your car every so often. If you don’t do it with your car, it might break down at some point. Better to prevent that from happening.

I usually choose to get a deep tissue massage, so with a bit more pressure, and sometimes I get a hot stone massage. That is really nice because you get hot stones placed on certain spots on your body, and the heat goes into your muscles. I also go to my local nail salon and get a back massage while sitting on a massage chair once or twice a week when I am in NYC. That is probably my favorite, as my blood does not go to my head so much as with regular massage when you lay flat on a massage bed. And it is not expensive. There are places at airports too that give these massages in massage chairs, as well as at some events you can find it too. Try it out, especially before a flight or when stressed out it feels so good!

Not only you can benefit from a massage, giving it to someone will definitely release tension, and your pets (or horse) love a massage too!  A massage strengthens bonds & relationships when given to loved ones.

Go to a massage salon, spa or if you just don’t have the money right now, persuade your partner to do it because you so need it! And if you are single, ask your good friend or family friend to do it?,

Love Lonneke

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