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Meat Free Monday Menu 1

OYL Meat Free Monday menu 1

Meat Free Monday Menu 1

This was my dinner yesterday, and it is a pretty good option for Meat Free Monday, or any vegetarian day in your life!

I used the Vegetarische slager “gehaktbal” (Meat ball) which in the real-meat version is a very typical Dutch treat. Since I don’t eat meat, I also can’t enjoy this dish, until now! De Vegetarische Slager has their store in The Hague, as mentioned in one of my earlier posts, and has over 200 selling points for their fake-meat dishes throughout the Netherlands & Belgium. In other countries like the USA, you can go for a seitan dish. the texture of seitan is most similar to the products of de Vegetarische Slager, which are made of Lupin. They also sell “Jus poeder” which is stock powder to make a nice juice to go with the meatball. (don’t use too much powder as it becomes too salty!)

Vegetarische Slager gehaktbal

Vegetarische Slager "Jus Poeder"

Vegetarische Slager "Jus Poeder"

Vegetarische slager "gehaktbal" in a pan


Also on the menu: Steamed Broccoli,  apple sauce, and a mash of lentils, carrots & onions, I used to make carrot-lentil burgers before. I like to find another purpose for leftovers, so  I did! It was delicious :-).

Meat Free Monday Menu 1

What is your Meat Free Monday Dish?

Love, Lonneke

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2 Responses to OYL Meat Free Monday menu 1

  1. Tajna April 23, 2012 at 9:08 pm #

    My Meat Free Monday Lunch dish is Japonica rice (high in antioxidants) with quinoa,salad,hemp and olive oil and some fresh fruit.Quinoa is a complete protein source for vegans,and cruelty free,it tastes delicious together with pesto.Mmmm mmm good,meat free Monday!

  2. Lonneke April 23, 2012 at 9:51 pm #

    Tajna that sounds delicious too! Happy Meat Free Monday! Xlonneke

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