The 5 steps of the Organice Your Life Circle of Five can help you organize and improve your home, your finances, your career, your health, your relationships and you supporting others. How are other people doing it? We ask them!

Organice Your Life Circle of Five: Wubbo Ockels


Organice Your Home:

“I have solar panels on my house. I also sold my 4 cars and now
 I don’t own any car. I take my bike everywhere, or I take public transportation if I have to go somewhere far.”

Organice Your Agenda:

“I like giving lectures and teaching, especially to young children because they soak up the things they hear. I think education is something we should really put time into. I also think that the
 term “profit” making is shifting away from simply meaning money making and more towards making friends and doing the things that you love to do.”

Organice Yourself:

“I like going out, and I love dance music with a groove. For instance, the Supperclub in Amsterdam is a spot I like to go to with friends. O also like the Supperclub cd dJ Jorg made a lot. Without groovy music, I get sleepy.”

Organice Your Relationships:

“I’ve known my wife Joos for 47 years, and we’ve been married for 42 of those years. We have 2 children: our son Martin (30) & our daughter Gean (37). We have 2 grandchildren ages 6 and 1. and two bosom friends 
a man and a woman. I also enjoy spending time with young & fun people, it keeps me young as well!”

Organice Your Good Heart:

“A lot of the projects I am affiliated with are non-profit, like Happy Energy and the Frisian Solar Challenge.”

Amsterdam, May 21st 2011 


In Memoriam Wubbo OckelsWubbo Ockels March 28th 1946 –  May 18th 2014

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Text by Lonneke Engel. Photos by Alique. Copyright Organice Your Life®