We ask our most inspiring people what personal things they have on their checklist. This is the checklist of late dutch Space Shuttle astronaut Wubbo Ockels.

Wubbo Ockels by Alique

Organice Your Life Checklist – Wubbo Ockels


“Purple Rain” by Prince. I took it with me to Space, it was and still is my favorite song and a strong human expression.”


“I got the Happy Energy logo tattooed on my arm, it was a present for my 65th birthday.”


“I like fish, especially prepared the way they do it in the South of Italy. I also like risotto.”


“I think fashion is the way to get young people excited to make changes in their lives. that’s the reason Happy Energy works together with other companies 
to create nice clothing, maybe even from recycled and/or organic fabrics.”


“’The Age of Stupid’ by Franny Armstrong.”


“I am dyslectic so I don’t like to read that much. However, my daughter wrote 
a book about my life called: “the Seven lives of Wubbo Ockels” (7 levens van Wubbo Ockels) about all the really unbelievable, life- threatening situations I have been in in my life. Including the issue with the Challenger.”

Inspired by:

“W. Herman Sheer, a german politician that promoted sustainability. Fritz Butcher, a biochemist who was part of the Club of Rome.”


“Perspective beyond today’s problems gives you the power to solve them.” and I also 
like the one that John F. Kennedy said: “We choose to go to the Moon [We choose to do these things] “not because they are easy, but because they are hard.”

Amsterdam, May 21st 2011

Wubo Ockels - Goodbye with a SmileWubbo Ockels March 28th 1946 –  May 18th 2014

Read Wubbo Ockels’ In Memoriam on the website of Happy Energy.

Interview Wubbo Ockels by Lonneke Engel, May 21st 2011

OYL Circle of Five by Wubbo Ockels May 21st 2011

Wubbo Ockels: Goodbye with a smile May 18th 2014

 Text by Lonneke Engel. Photos by Alique. Copyright Organice Your Life®

Lonneke & Wubbo Ockels by Alique