Nothing feels as good as a nice warm shower! Feeling the water on your skin, relaxing after a busy day, or waking up after a good night sleep. I love taking a shower!

Using water to shower

I don’t really shower long. It is not good for your skin ( skin loses elasticity and moisture) but mostly because it is not good for the environment, or your pocket! (Wasting Water= Wasting Money). But taking a shower (shorter than 10 minutes) is better than taking a bath. A bath is about 110 liters of water, 5 minutes of showering is about 55 liters of water.

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You do have to keep the shower clean to avoid nasty build up (and bacteria). I have a few tips how to make your shower look the best!

Tips for organizing your shower

  1. Buy a shower squeegee to wipe off your the walls of your shower, or your shower cabin, after each shower session, to avoid build up and mold. If you have a shower curtain, use your towel after drying off, to clean the curtain. This all will save a lot of work because if the build up dried up, it is very hard to scrub it off later.

Ecover has a great window cleaning spray that cleans glass surfaces without stripes. You can buy it at Wholefoods among other places, and is eco-friendly. (click on pictures for more information or to purchase)

2. Clean your shower and bathroom with (white distilled) vinegar! Just wipe away the dirt and stains with a damp cloth with a b
it of vinegar. Et Voila! Everything is shiny clean. Environmentally friendly and cheap.

3. Buy a little chair that can’t slip, for in the shower. You can use it to sit if you cannot stand for long periods of time, for when you need to shave your legs you can use this to lean on, or you just put your shower gel and shampoo ( preferably organic or ecofriendly ones!) It is safe! For instance this one:

What else do you need for a nice showering session

  • body scrub
  • a file for your calluses
  • body wash
  • shampoo
  • conditioner
  • clean razor
  • and more.

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You have this ready before you take a shower, as it saves you shower time.

Shower head

Do you want to be even better for the environment? You can install a water saving shower head. Some of them can also filter the water, and prevent harsh metals and other stuff to get into your hair (which can make your hair color dull)

15 Stages Shower Water Filter with Silver layer – remove Chlorine Fluoride Lead – 2 Cartridge Replacement for Showerhead filters – Filtered showers head softener for hard water

And to top your sustainable conscience, you pee in the shower.

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Shower curtain

Your shower curtain should be eco-friendly too, made of materials that release toxic chemicals.

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Enough reason to take a nice, but short, shower I think!

Love, Lonneke