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Organice yor Documents

Organice Your documents

Nothing is worse than losing all your important information! Like what happened a few times in my life: My computer crashed. It is not only that I cannot regularly update this website  when it happens, but also, all my important information is gone if I don’t take the right precautions and organice my documents and paperwork. I am a very old school  meaning I still write in a physical diary and agenda, and I have a lot of documents physically filed. But I also have a lot of emails and important documents filed online. This is the way to do it these days!

What can you do to Organice your Documents?

You can get an external hard drive, which is a good option, but those can crash too… What I found is the best solution, is to save documents that I need in the future, or that I am working on, online!

Google documents  is a great way to online work on documents, order them, and save them. Also, you can invite people to read the documents, and you can also decide who can work on them or not! There are many other, virtual places where you can save your information, like Dropbox.

I share documents and emails with my loved ones so we all know what’s going on. Like Facebook saves your friends, thoughts, pictures and words, Flickr saves your pictures, you can basically save anything! ( and have the world see it if you decide too!)

Google documents seems pretty safe, and I use it too. Try it out, if you are doing your homework, or making a report that someone has to O.K. Or if you ( with someone) are writing a book.

Online you can find more places that are suitable for every bit of information you like to be saved, secretly or for everyone to see.

So now I can always organice my important documents!

Love, Lonneke

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