Did you know that most flowers and plants you buy in the Supermarket, farmers market and flower shop are actually not organic and eco-friendly? Did you know most flowers and plants are (just like many vegetables and fruits) grown with the use of chemicals and pesticides?

Ecotulips Synaeda Blue

Why are not all tulips organic?

I am born in the Netherlands, so of course I love tulips, and most of all: organic tulips. You would think that most flowers are in fact all-natural and organic. But while many flowers by nature have a strong color, sometimes flowers are growing with the help of many technologies, even sometimes genetically modified, and with the use of pesticides to kill the bugs (and bees), so the flower survives. The process sometimes even starts  in a laboratory, where a seed is genetically modified. Some beautiful flowers you see did not exist before, they are created by mankind.

Where to find organic flowers

It is hard to find organic flowers and plants. Of course when you grow your own flowers, or when you go into the forest, the flowers you find there are very much likely to be organic and eco-friendly, grown without harmful chemicals. The bees love them.  There are a few retailers, farmers and individuals who sell organic flowers, you just have to look for them. And if you support them by buying from them, you will not only get gorgeous flowers and plants, but you will help to create a bigger community of organic flower growers!

Save the Bees

We are losing many bees due to pesticides on flowers, as they are poisonous to the bees. We need bees to pollinate the flowers. It is  most important that we save our bees, because without them, we basically can’t survive on Earth if the bees can’t continue pollination on the plants, because the plants then can’t reproduce themselves. Thankfully there are many companies that take this issue seriously.


Organic tulips that are edible visited me in NYC

A few years ago Jeroen Koeman and his wife Keriann of Ecotulips visited us at our loft in Soho, New York City. They are the owners of Ecotulips the ONLY organic tulip company in the USA. When they purchased their new farm in the USA, they became Wicked Tulips Flower farm. You can visit them and pick your own tulips when it is the season! They also offer organic flowers for sale. you can buy the bulbs now to plant in your garden.

You know what? You can eat certain organic tulip leaves! The leaves can be used as a colorful addition to a salad or any other dish. Each color has its own flavor.

Jeroen and Keriann from the Wicked Tulip Flower Farm
Jeroen and Keriann from Wicked Tulip Flower Farm

So of course I tried it out too! They have a subtle flavor and the colors are beautiful.

Lonneke and Jeroen eating an edible organic tulip
Lonneke and Jeroen eating an edible organic tulip

What can you do to get more organic flowers into your life?

  • 1. Only buy from organic farmers, and buy organic flowers.
  • 2. Ask your flower shop how their flowers are grown and where.
  • 3. Ask them to offer organic flowers, and buy those, as you would like to only buy organic from them.
  • 4. Grow your own flowers. Order organic flower seeds and bulbs, like tulips from Ecotulips.

I love organic tulips and flowers, and the bees love it too!

a bee holds up a sign that says that he does not like pesticides. He says "save me!" and "buy Ecotulips"

The organic tulips might not be available in the webshop of Wicked Tulips at the moment. But they do offer other organic flowers that are beautiful… They might not be edible though!

Love, Lonneke

all pictures by Ecotulips, Wicked Tulips Flower Farm and  Organice Your Life.

First published on November 4th 2014, updated in 2019