A trip to the beach can be very spontaneous!

When I was in Amsterdam for work, I went to meet my friend, top model Dewi Driegen right after. We just decided to take her dogs to the beach! This beach in Wijk aan Zee is famous for kite surfing. So we saw many of these kite surfers on the beach. (you can see the many kites in the air if you look closely). The dogs enjoyed it a lot as well!

Me with Betty & Jerry


Me and Jerry

I don’t have a picture of me and Dewi unfortunately, we were just there having a good time

I am always very pleased when I go to new places and restaurants that implement organic in a very natural way. Just like beach club Aloha. The food was delicious and all organic and many healthy options. And a great mindset also:

Pumpkin soup at Aloha

(Ok, I did have a slice of the delicious Apple pie. but sssst, don’t tell anyone!)

Eating apple pie

They have great home baked pizzas too here. Dewi couldn’t finish hers so we took it to go :). There are 3 beach clubs at this beach and all nice to sit and enjoy the view.

I love doing spontaneous things. When your life is “organiced”, you have the time to do spontaneous things! We had a great day!

Love, Lonneke

Beach Club Aloha

Reyndersweg 2

1951 LA Velsen-Noord


ps there is a live webcam 24/7! Check it here.