I was voted #1 Eligible Bachelorette of the Netherlands by Jackie magazine in 2012. There is a list of 25 eligible Bachelorettes and they put me on top, haha how life can change within a year ;-) But besides that it is a fun award to get, and it was a fun celebration, it also has a thought that I want to share with you:


I became single by my own choice about at the end of 2011. My relationship was not feeling right. I know a lot of people stay in a situation too long, trying to work it out. I did that too. But if you realize you are not happy: choose your own happiness! This “award” some people might see as not fun. I actually loved it! It is also telling me I made the right choice! You know what? If you are happy in your own skin (I am the happiest I have been in 5 years!) you will attract the right people. The opposite also counts: if you are not feeling great/are miserable, you will usually attract the same kind of people. And you don’t want that right? So work on yourself to be the best YOU and love will come your way! Who you are is what you attract.

My motto is: Never settle for anything less than amazing. And that amazing is when you feel happy in the situation, not what other people think about you or that person. it is your life and sorry to say it again: You only live once!

OYL Prince-Charming

I enjoyed being single. It  was the last time in my life ….as I found my Prince Charming last year, and we are going to live happily ever after!

So cheers to couples, but also cheers to all you Singles out there! You are cool and if you don’t settle for anything less than amazing, you might find the best of the best like I did with my man Dirk!

Love, Lonneke

More info about the Bachelorette event:

We celebrated in Amsterdam with the premiere of Bachelorette the movie. I also went to the premiere of this movie in New York City!

Interview about being voted Bachelorette of the Netherlands (in Dutch):

[youtube id=”t-qqXVC0VCI” mode=”normal” align=”center”]

The day after interview: (In Dutch, mind the bags under my eyes I was tired hihi):

[youtube id=”5p5cP-DIrKQ” mode=”normal” align=”center”]

Me and Organice Your Life contributor Valentina Zelyaeva at the premiere of Bachelorette in New York City earlier that month:

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