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Natural PMS-Muscle Fixer-Upper

CHOCOLATE. The most incredulous PMS ‘Fixer-Upper’ I know! Why do we (women) crave large doses of it every 30 days or so??? I wonder.

Raw cacao is the ultimate form of CHOCOLATE. Eat it for your health, beauty, anti-aging benefits, it’s satisfying taste; OR simply to cure your temporary feeling of gloom, tension & perhaps even pain (at THAT time of the month!) Of course won’t do Mr Muscle any harm either…Especially after a good run or some intense exercise.

You see CACAO is rich in the muscle mineral, MAGNESIUM. It is also excellent for boosting your mood, energy levels, & filling your body with some of the most beneficial nutrients available in one food!… Only, I’ll leave you to investigate what those are. ;)

At times, I’ll take a heaped teaspoon of raw cacao & of maca root together, mix with a little cold water, topping up with hot water, to make a brew of unsweetened medicinal ‘hot chocolate.’ It’s one super-therapeutic drink for sportspeople or desperate women.

Here’s a more delicious way to enjoy CACAO in those moments of dire need!!


1 dessertspoon raw cacao powder

1 dessertspoon (more if you like it very sweet) coconut sugar, agave, maple syrup or rapadura sugar

2/3 cup boiling water

1/3 cup cold milk – choose from: Freshly made raw almond milk (my recipe here), whole soy milk, organic dairy milk or other milk of your choice.

Choose from flavour options: Pinch of salt, small amounts of organic coffee or cereal coffee (for mocha), cinnamon, nutmeg, cayenne pepper (for chilli chocolate), 100% pure essential oil of mint for choc-mint OR orange for jaffa (only 1/4 drop needed be careful!) or natural vanilla extract.


Spoon raw cacao powder & coconut sugar or other sweetener into a mug, pour over your milk option & froth together with an ‘aerolatte’ frother or simply mix well to combine. Using the cold milk over the cacao preserves its precious nutrients & antioxidants! Add any other flavour options you desire, mix & sprinkle with extra cacao or spices. Now top up with boiling water & ENJOY the slightly bitter but OH SOO GOOD taste of real CHOCOLATE.

There is a very special INSTANT spicy hot cacao recipe in my book!! Can’t WAIT to share it with you in time!…

Love & chocolate xxx Abigail


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3 Responses to Natural PMS-Muscle Fixer-Upper

  1. christophe January 24, 2012 at 4:29 pm #

    Hi Abigail
    Your simple hot cacao recipe makes me really want.
    You promise that your recipe doesn’t gain weight ?
    Thank you Abigail, and really nice that you share recipes of your book with OYL.

  2. Valentina January 25, 2012 at 2:29 am #

    LOVE LOVE LOVE this recipe! I always mix raw cacao with maca for my hot chocolate. They go especially well together:) The other day I added a shot of organic espresso in my hot chocolate and it was better then i ever tasted in any coffee chops! xoxox

  3. Abigail January 26, 2012 at 7:27 am #

    Hi Christophe, I promise you won’t gain weight, yes. Actually, if you eat nutritious foods balanced with good fats, you will actually lose weight (if needed) and maintain a healthy body. It’s my pleasure to share! Xx

    Ha Valentina, YOUR hot mocha chocolate would be better anyday than the shops! Using the REAL ingredients;) when we use real, organic, unprocessed ingredients we get FULL FLAVOUR. SOO AWESOME. So worth it hey? Xx

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