There is a new player in town when it comes to baby care! Naïf quality baby care is a Dutch brand started by 2 fathers who were looking for a better and mild baby care products for their kids.

Why is Naif not organic?

First of all , I asked the founders why their products are not organic, because I usually only write about organic and/or Green products. They answered me with a very plausible explanation, that their philosophy is to use ingredients that will turn into the mildest baby care products for the sensitive baby skin. Organic and green products are usually the best option, but some people, and especially babies are allergic to certain natural ingredients. They therefore use a synthetic perfume which can never be organic, that will have the least chance of irritation. Also, their line of Naif quality baby care uses no mineral oils that will close off a baby’s skin. Mineral oil is usually made of petroleum you fill up petroleum lamps with, and of which fuel for the car is made. You don’t want that stuff on your or your baby’s skin! My motto: Always check the ingredient labels on all your baby products that you use on your babies and kids!

Naif Quality Baby Care- 2

Naïf quality baby care does contain cottonseed oil, sweet almond oil, macadamia oil, avocado oil and chamomile. It is hypo allergenic and PH neutral.

Sending a package of Naif baby care to my sister Marloes and my friend Doutzen

On my behalf, Naif sent 3 packages to (soon-t0-be) new moms, to try out, as I was curious how it would work. My sister Marloes, my friend Doutzen and my husband’s friend Milou received one. My sister Marloes said that my nephew Milo had an allergic reaction on his skin. He is very sensitive and she put Naif on his irritated skin and his skin became less irritated. She said she wants to try if this will keep his allergic reactions away!

Naif Quality Baby Care- 3

Naif Quality Baby Care- 4

Good luck Naïf with always finding the best baby care ingredients of our children. They are the most important to us and we would never want to cut corners when it comes to their health and well-being.

And thank you for the try-out packages for my family and friends, they look so cute!

Love, Lonneke

first published on July 12th 2014, updated in 2019