There are these moments in life when you discover a passion that is so strong it really overcomes you… that the only way is to totally immerse in that feeling.

My love for jewelry

I was a very loved child by my grandparents, I had the best time growing up with them by my side – it was just pure happiness. They have taught me a lot from their life experiences. But the kindness my Grandma had with everything around her,  always amazed me. She used to put her heart into everything she did and I learned not to take that for granted. We should value it. So when I’ve decided I wanted to create my own jewelry line, her love and vision was the starting point of all.

My two ‘Muses” Grandma and Ninis Cat

I took her old jewelry box looking for vintage treasures that used to strike me as a little girl. I saw my grandma’s beauty in those ornaments as she was a proud Leo Woman but her vanity was pure and innocent. Of course I’ve learned from that- cause I believe there is a bigger reason for women to feel beautiful wearing all types of ornaments: We are empowered by them in many ways. And that’s something I really believe in: to be empowered and to be able to self-healed.


I simply love working with my hands : writing, drawing and crafting. My dear friend and OYL founder Lonneke Engel asked me a few questions that I will answer to all of you in the QA below:

IMG_7389 2
The art is a drawing made by my mother. The caligraphy for the name is a courtesy of my father. I thought of having their touch would be special.

Q & A with Carolina Fontaneti on her jewelry

OYL: Why and when did you decide to start to make jewelry?

First of all I started thinking that crafting my own jewelry would be a great idea because I have the smallest wrists in the world and no bracelet ever really fit me… and I’m crazy for bracelets. So about 2 years ago, I started putting a lot of thought to this idea. It was something I really could work with my creativity and my love for vintage amazing finds.

OYL: What or who is your inspiration?

I have travelled to many amazing places working as a model. So I’ve collected little treasures such as shells, rocks, pieces of wood, indians ornaments. I use them alongside with my grandma’s old jewelry pieces ( the ones that broke, feel apart, or still intact) and I transform that into new pieces mixing with also brand new components. Nature and natural elements definitely are big inspirations but I also have a ‘live’ one that is my dearest, the one I dedicated a whole line for it, called ” Catnecklace” : my cat Ninis. My closest friends were also my first breath of inspiration, since I’ve made my first pieces thinking of them to give it as a present, representing my belief of ‘give it to receive it’.

Lonneke and I wearing our one of a kind necklaces made with vintage components
Lonneke and I wearing our one of a kind necklaces made with vintage components

OYL: Who is your costumer, for who are you making Jewelry?

Like I said before, I believe we are beings that have the ability to self-heal, and who can be empowered by natural resources such as crystals, gemstones and fossilized materials. We can create a supernatural power at the palm of our hands. People who search for this kind of connections and ‘powers’ or those who are aiming to reach well-being, a wholesome life – they are my intended audience. I also have a big passion for two other groups, they’re the children and the animals – who can also benefit from the power of healing stones.

OYL: What is your jewelry made with?

Meaningful vintage components; healing gemstones and crystals ; natural findings ; tiny very delicate seed beads; hemp and satin cords; and LOVE.

Fontaneti Jewelry works with the power of crystals and gemstones to make you beautiful and protected.

OYL: What is your personal motto or quote that reflects your jewelry line?

‘Believe you can and you are halfway there’ . Adding my personal touch to the quote I would say:  The other half consists of doing what is in your hands to do it… then if it’s meant to be work out for you, it will. If it doesn’t, it’s just not the right time yet. Learn how to wait and follow life’s signs. That’s the way I see life and try to understand it. So everything that I ever accomplished was due to believing myself, trusting I was capable of.

OYL: What is your favorite piece , and/or your signature jewelry  piece?

I would say my signature piece is the ‘Cat necklace’, and my necklaces with amber. They are necklaces made for Cats, my beautiful exotic shorthair Ninis been wearing them for a while and he looks so adorable while also benefiting from the healing stones properties, since animals are also affected by their power.

Ninis Cat wearing his Anchor Cat necklace made with healing Tanzanite gemstones.

OYL: What are you hoping for in the future and for your jewelry line? Any dreams of pieces you want to make? And for who?

I wish that I could be able to make positive changes in the way people see and wear their ornaments. It’s important to recognize how inner energy is affected by outside factors. I do believe that everything in this world is made of the same ever changing and transforming matter. So everything and everyone could ‘transform’ or ‘transmute’ into anything desired… I do aim for the day I would be able to bring this transmutation into my jewelry and people are able to feel , almost touch the ‘power’ of my pieces and use them as empowered tools , customized for their needs and wishes. Every single person that connects with that idea, is the one I would love to see wearing my jewelry.


If you want to check out my current collection, visit Cat’s Healing  *****