Imagine a world without music…
Its so amazing to me how music can make me feel so many things.
It brings you back to all sorts of memories.
Right now Im listening to Neil Youngs song “dont let it bring you down” taking me back to my childhood hanging out in my family house in burgundy, France listening to my parents records from their youth..
Music can take you back to a place too.
Every time I listen to Radiohead’s new cd I think of Los Angeles, driving around in the car with the windows open, the wind in my hair and the California sun on my face.

For my acting work before I have to do an emotional scene I put on music. I listen to one or two songs that brings me to that vulnerable place, a time I might’ve listened to that song when I was feeling down. Or a song that reminds me of a person I miss dearly or care for a lot.

Try and stop and think about what you feel when you listen to a certain song, pay attention to your senses. Does music make you warm, excited, happy, teary eyed, where does it take you back to…

Your own personal memory time machine you can access whenever you press play