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More Healthy Hair!

Last night before going to bed I gave my hair a really good brush through, I know for all you straight haired people out there thats a normal thing to do every day or even a few times a day..

I happen to have wavy/curly hair so just a quick run through my hair with my fingers is enough. (to check for knots, I dont want a “dreadlocky” type hairpiece hiding somewhere)

Back to the reason why I started brushing my hair before bed. A great hairstylist told me I should brush my hair lots to get the blood flowing to my head to stimulate the growth of hair. Creating thicker more luscious locks!

Sounds easy enough right!

Have a great day :)

xxxx Mallory June

One Response to More Healthy Hair!

  1. Abigail January 22, 2012 at 11:39 am #

    OMMMY GOODNESS your hair sounds amazing! I love that kind of hair. BRUSHING NOW lol Mallory, hope my hair can look like yours. SOON ;) xx Abigail

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