I feel so sad about this… YET it’s something I’ve done too! It serves us no purpose other than to keep us back from all that we can be emotionally, physically, mentally.


So lets start this moment, this next breath, this next day with some positive thoughts, for our thighs. Seriously!! Now what about your skin, my skin? Perhaps your feet need some love.

Take your hands and place them upon the part of your body you ‘hate’ most. Breathe loving thoughts into that part of YOU. It won’t be easy at first, but it will LIBERATE you, I promise! Models can be the hardest on themselves of anyone I’ve ever met. Don’t compare yourself with anyone else, you are beautiful. Accept the parts you may not be ‘as proud of’. Love them. AND maybe, just maybe, from that loving focus, those parts may even become even more lovely. I’ve seen it happen!

Lets make a start, lets LOVE the parts… well no need to say, because we don’t _ _ _ _ !

Love  &  CHOCOLATE ~ Abigail