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Hello guys. Inspired by my life and love I have to share some words with you…

Everyone wants to love and be loved…I hear it a lot that isn’t an easy journey to find TRUE love. Actually it can be really simple, in my opinion. Listen to your heart , to your true self that knows everything… it doesn’t look that simple to you?? I will explain…

Love yourself in the first place. It’s is impossible to give and receive love without loving yourself more than anything! Loving YOU at first means respecting your opnions, your feelings and your wishes… and that makes it all easier. It comes from the inside out. Your true voice will talk, your heart will feel and you’ll respond to your feelings.


I won’t say love is around the corner, because I know we don’t find it every time we cross the street. But when you find it, you will now. There is no other way around, there is no doubt! It is just there… it’s not a PERFECT feeling… nothing in this word is perfect. But it is just right, just the way it has to be, it’s just enough, it’s FULLFILLING.

I know, I know you must had heard that a million times: ” one day you will find it”…

So don’t torture yourself on your way to this beautiful path. Just go with the flow. Do never forget, YOU always come first.

Little tips to follow:

-FOOD tastes much better if made with love! So cook with your heart and for the ones you cherish.
-Take little breaks only to do your hobbies, or something that makes you happy, give you some little “me time”.
-SUNBATH – you won’t believe how wonderful you’ll feel after some solar rays on your skin (don’t forget the sunscreem)
– Be around people that makes you feel good and share good moments with them!
– Have a pet if you can… loving the animals is one pure great feeling!
– Kids! they make you happy, they make you LOVE them

All that little actions will surround you with love and great feelings!  We know we attract more and more of whatever we’re feeling or experiencing. So treat your whole world with love!!


Some pictures that represents LOVE to me, hope you like it ;).

Xo Carol

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  1. Tajna September 18, 2015 at 9:14 pm #

    I really liked this article when you first wrote it . I just found my true love a few months ago and I remembered this article today . It resonates so much . Love is so important and I hope that every person finds the one they are meant to be with ~

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