I love walking! Especially walking my dog and exploring New York City. This first video I am taking you to Greenwich Village.

Walking for your health

Walking is good for you! It gets the blood flowing and the muscles going. They say 10000 steps a day is a minimum. Do you get to that every day? I do since I got my Fitbit telling me when I have to move. This is the one I got:

Walking a dog

But the best thing to get you walking is to get a dog! Did you know many dogs are waiting for you at the shelter? You can find your perfect walking buddy right there. You do something good for your own health, and you help your community AND give that dog a wonderful life. What more can someone ask for?

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My dog Bane

I love my dog Bane, you can follow him on instagram @EverybodyLovesBane. Together we walk hours and miles a day. He is just as curious as me to see what is going on on the streets of this big city (except when it is raining out!)

Lonneke and Bane at the NYC Farmers Market in Union Square

About New York City

There is a reason why many people come visit this big city. I once saw a research in which they asked people in which city they would want to live if they did not live in their current city, and the majority overwhelmingly voted for “New York City”. I know why. New York City is the melting pot of the World, with all kinds of people from all walks of life living together in reasonable Peace. Everybody living here has some kind of pride of being able to live in the City, and we all care for the City. We call other people out when they leave garbage out, or do not pick up their dog’s waste, and we care about preserving and honoring history here.


I recently started making videos just because I enjoy the process. It helps me to organize my thoughts. If people watch it or enjoy it as much as I do making them, that is an extra! So I hope you Subscribe to my Youtube Channel.

Enjoy my latest video in which I explore Greenwich Village!

Love, Lonneke