I have been doing my ” Lonneke Talks” videos for a few months now

These “Lonneke Talks” videos are so far about 3 different topics:


Anything about the current USA politics and the situation of my home country of the Netherlands and the European Union. But any topic around the World can be a subject of a video!

Animal Welfare

Anything about the welfare of animals, including my big loves Horses and dogs! I cover issues like Breed Specific Legislation and welfare in equestrian sports.

Organice Your Life

I also share videos about tips I share through my website OrganiceYourLife.com. This way both outlets are complimenting each other!


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If you are not interested in all those makeup tutorials or challenges videos of ” influencers” online, but want honest information on different subjects I have researched extensively, you have found the right place! You might learn some new things through my videos or be more conscious about different issues.

I am having fun making these videos as it also helps me to focus and organize my thoughts.

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Tips for videos

If you have any topic or question you want me to cover in a future video, or have some great information you want to share with me, please email me at [email protected] h

Love, Lonneke