KOMERA PROJECT Fund raising night

Hello- everyone,

I am a freelance makeup artist who works in the Fashion and Beauty industry.  I have been a contributor to the OYL Magazine for the past few issues and I’m really excited to be a contributor on the website now!

You will hear from me with everything regarding the natural approach to beauty and health for both inside and outside the body, and can’t wait to share my inside secrets with all of you.

Kate with her supportive husband, Gabe

But for my first post, I wanted to start with one of OYL’s mission ,“Good Heart”, as it’s also a big part of contributing to your healthy mind, and is a major factor to your overall health, skin and inner glow. Everything is connected, body, mind and soul.


Kate (middle) and Munemi(right)

I attended the KOMERA PROJECT fund raising event last Thursday night to support our contributor, Kate, who is also a co-founder of the project.  KOMERA PROJECT is founded by Margaret Butler who is a former primary school teacher, who spent a year in a remote village in Rwanda and saw a major need for a support system for girls who have the courage and desire to pursue secondary school, but who don’t have the resources to do so.  In the area, only a few made it through elementary school and the others are expected to stay home and help with household duties and who do not have the opportunity to attend secondary school.  And the only way for them to change their life and get out from the circle of poverty is to gain more education.

The event was filled with people who care for the cause.  I later received an email with how much they raised that night and I firmly believe that this amount will change many girl’s lives, and they will be able to continue to grow and pursue their dreams.  For their $500 scholarship program, it includes; Full ride scholarship, uniform, books, pencils, pens, health insurance, transportation, feminine hygiene products, soap, mattresses, and soap.

I can’t wait to hear an update on how these girls are doing and what they will be doing in the future.  Kate, congratulations on the successful night and please keep us updated on the wonderful news…

For those who would be interested in the cause, please visit;


Just your love and small contributions can make a change.