When the weather is hot, you need to cool down! Below is my juice top 5 for any hot Summer day.


1. Fruit flavored water /ice tea

Add slices of lemon, lime & mint to your cold water with ice cubes. Any other fruit like fresh berries is delicious too! You can also make this an ice tea version by making hot tea and letting it cool off and adding it to the water.

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2. Coconut water

This is my nr. 1 favorite cooling down drink. It’s delicious, but coconut water is also a great sports drink and rehydrates your body like no other drink (the PH values of coconut water are the same as of your blood!)

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3. Cucumber juice

Yes try it: juice 2 or 3 cucumbers and cool this drink for an hour. It is so simple and delicious!

4. Water melon juice

This is so good! Also, juice half a melon and you have a delicious, nutritious juice!

Gui Valente (black belt Jiu-Jitsu) loves watermelon juice too!

5. Mint & pear juice cocktail

Blend a juicy pear and add some mint, blend it quickly with a bit of crushed ice. don’t forget a (glass) straw! It is so refreshing

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Basically, almost every fresh juice made from 100% fruits or veggies, and then chilled for a bit, are great ways to cool off a bit during the Summer heat. You can also buy juices at any of the juice places, like Juice Press.

Stay cool!

Love, Lonneke