In April myself and a few other Organice Your Life contributors were lucky enough to to complete a cleanse with Organic Avenue, which was part of our OYL Detox week, and where we each documented on our blogs a day by day breakdown of each day! (Look back at past posts to see our reviews and experiences!). It was an amazing and unique journey, and I was lucky enough to interview Denise Mari, Founder of Organic Avenue, where she shares her wisdom, inspiration and passion for a green, vegan life! Check out the interview below, and by the end I have a feeling you will finally take the plunge to embark on your own beautiful cleanse with Organic Avenue.


With summer around the corner, the word ‘cleanse’ is thrown around a lot. With heaps of people looking to embark on a cleanse journey, especially here in New York City where there are many to choose from, what sets you apart from the rest?

Our commitment to the best business practice that looks at the long-term effects of what we do. We bottle in glass instead of plastic for people’s health and because plastic is detrimental to the environment. We only use organic ingredients of the highest quality, without chemical or genetic modifications, and we do so because we want to deliver the healthiest product and continue to create this amazing business. We also don’t want to hurt or kill animals and believe that a plant-based diet is healthiest. Science and experience backs this up. We also utilize as cold-chill supply chain to maintain the integrity of our final product. Lastly, Organic Avenue is interested in creating more events and community-gathering opportunities. It’s very exciting to see lifestyle behaviors change and be rewarded with new friendships and conscious connections. We’re interested in creating an exciting place to work and to foster a healthy and rewarding work environment.

How do you approach a prospective client before they embark on a cleanse? Do you advise them on overall lifestyle changes, or warn them it might be a difficult process, as I really think it is an overall mental, physical, and even social experience.

We have many different ways of communicating with potential cleansers and newbies. It’s all about learning where they are, what their goals are and aiding in the transition gently so they can create a healthy foundation. I think the best place to start is with a whole food, plant-based vegan diet, and that takes some learning. Next is the exciting intake of consciously-prepared juices and raw food. Right now I’m working on a book and a program to help touch the lives of as many people as I can. There are definitely points to learn in order to experience all the benefits. I think it’s important to know about the potential challenges in advance, and to be ready to answer all the questions your friends and family would inevitably ask. You have to know how to navigate all the food options and choose healthy foods as often as possible. It’s really all about the individual experience. We want our customer experience to be gentle, loving and challenging too. We all learn most from our challenges.

Do you ever advise someone not to follow through with a cleanse? Especially if they lead a very ‘unhealthy’ lifestyle where maybe cleaning up their diet first and incorporating exercise might be the first step, then advising them to come back at a later date to start a cleanse.

Cleansing is a very personal choice and an extremely self-motivating experience. We are here to provide the products, food and resources and to point people in the right direction based on their needs. We’ve created five cleansing programs for many different entry points and we have a call center available to answer questions. We can switch someone’s program or put it on hold for as long as necessary. It is very rare that one would not be able to complete a cleanse at their own pace. We also suggest that when you sign up for a cleanse, if at any point you feel the strong need to eat something else, do it! It’s not a contest. Every attempt leads to a greater experience and results. It’s so confidence-boosting and allows you to take a closer look at your habits. Remember, most people are addicted to something. We are being played by major food companies with taste enhancers and marketing. It will take awhile to clear your mind and body. Every step is one step close toward the goal of  health and happiness.

Living in New York City, I know how hard it is to sometimes find local, organic produce, where do you source all of your produce and ingredients?

New York City is loaded with stores that stock organic produce and products. We use local sources and national distributors. Anyone in New York City has access to one of the best selections (next to California that is)!

How do you come up with the flavors? And do they change from season to season?

I love vegan food and juice, and I love to turn old favorites into healthy new favorites. I also work closely with Organic Avenue’s chef to come up with new recipes seasonally and when I’m inspired.

Does Organic Avenue differentiate between a detox and a cleanse? If so, what is the difference?

I think of detox as more of a symptom of a cleanse and a cleanse as more of an event and an experience. Cleansing doesn’t always end up with unpleasant detox symptoms. A cleanse is a boost of energy and clarity.

I completed the 3 Day Love Deep Cleanse back in April, and although I had a wonderful experience, I also found it mentally and physically difficult. I already was a vegan and eat a 50/50 diet of raw and cooked foods, but with everyone being different it all affects us in certain ways. What would be the best 3 pieces of advice you would give someone who is about to part-take in an Organic Avenue Cleanse?

  1. It is not a contest so you cannot fail. It’s an experience.
  2. Observe yourself in the process – your thoughts and your cravings. Don’t judge, just observe.
  3. Start slow with LOVEeasy (our introductory cleanse and raw food experience) and then take it a step further with LOVEfast, which gives you juices and salad. After that you’ll be ready for LOVEdeep, which is all juice. Play with it and have fun!

What is on the horizon for Organic Avenue?

More stores so we can serve more people. And more events so we can all be aware, educated and connected. Sign up on our website for a LOVEnote (email) and you can learn about our big event coming up on 11/11/11!

What is Organic Avenue’s all-time favorite Juice? And the most popular?

Our Green LOVE juice is our best seller and most necessary juice! But this summer we are also loving the Spicy Tumeric and Watermelon Juices.


Thank you Denise and Organice Avenue!

Visit to sign up for your cleanse now. After doing the LOVEdeep I can’t recommend it enough! It is the perfect summer cleanse, and I truly hope everyone embarks on one, sometime during their life ;) But I think this summer is the perfect time to set sail.

Hope everyone is enjoying the beautiful summer season.

love and stay cool