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How to store your greens in the fridge

Quick tip how to store your greens in the fridge. I have just learned it, and I wish I knew this trick long time ago, cause I love my greens, but they go bad really fast if I don’t consume it in the first couple of days.

So, here it is:

  • Cut your greens (it can be anything; kale, parsley, spinach, cilantro etc. Today I have my collard greens)
  • Arrange them in the storage unit.
  • Add cold water and some ICE on top.
  • Cover it with a lid


It stays fresh for up to a week! And when you are ready to use it, Greens are fresh and crisp just like the day you bought it.


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  1. Oleg December 9, 2012 at 12:04 pm #

    Very interesting and useful information! Thank you Valentina! Greetings from Russia!)

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