Since I’m very much into juicing, many people are approaching me and asking me to share my favorite juice recipes. I’m always happy to give one or two great recipes!

People usually write it down, or check my blog for a recipes. But when it comes to make the juice at home using different ingredients, people get lost and the juice doesn’t come out very appealing to the taste buds, or becomes a total disaster!

So they get discouraged and stop juicing all at once.

But, wait a minute! Before you put away your brand new juicer and forget about it for good, I want to share with you my secret: how to make a juice!

There are few rules. Follow them and you will fall in love with your juicer and your juice! Haha! Figuratively speaking (hope you didn’t brake your tongue reading this sentence!)

  1. Base of the juice. Pick one of the following fruits or veggies: large cucumber; couple of oranges; pineapple; green apples; watermelon; grapefruit. As you can see those fruits contain lots of fluid, which will give you a base or a volume to a juice.
  2. Leafy greens or Fresh Herbs. Pick one of the following: kale; spinach; cilantro; dill; mint; parsley; dandelion; celery. Those will provide you with the minerals that your body is craving for. And they will give a gorgeous green color to a juice (Just like an “Organice Your Life” green apple logo;) )
  3. Extra flavor. This is the last but very important tip! This ‘extra’ something  will give a twist to your creation. Pick one of your favorite: ginger; lemon; lime; fennel; tangerine; carrot; beetroot.

Those are the basic rules to make a great tasting and healthy juice.

Good luck!