Everyone deals with stress and anxiety at one point in their life. And every person gets overwhelmed for different reasons. That’s why I decided to have a live chat with my best friend of 25 years Maruja Retana to talk about it!

Maruja Retana

Maruja (Maru) helps singers & songwriters achieve peak performance, also known as ‘the flow’. After obtaining her Master’s Degree in Cognitive Psychology, Maruja started working as a psychologist in the Netherlands. In her role as facilitator – helping other people define and reach their goals & dreams – she realised that she herself wasn’t living her most fulfilled life. She quit her job, and decided to go straight for the thing she wanted most: music. She signed with Sony/ATV in 2011 as a singer/songwriter; worked with several top producers, artists and songwriters; released songs that appeared in the charts, on the radio and music festivals; and performed all over the world. Having achieved her childhood dreams, Maruja felt inspired to help other singers navigate the challenging music industry. She founded the Vocal Psychology program – a combination of voice coaching, performance coaching, and mindset coaching – and has successfully coached hundreds of singers (beginners and professionals) for the last 10+ years.

MORE ON MARUJA: Her music video for Right Through Me hit 1 million views!

Lonneke, Maruja & Joey brainstorming
Lonneke, Maruja & Joey brainstorming

How do you deal with stress?

The recent Lockdown due to the Coronavirus gave some people a great sense of peace as they finally had time to spend at home with family and sleep a few more hours a day, but many people were suffering from depression, sadness and anxiety because of the unknown. We cover everything and even go ahead and did a breathing exercise! Watch it below:


Panic attack

A little secret: Just before the filming of this video I had a minor panic attack. Felt dizzy etc. So it is true that everyone has some kind of anxiety at some point! Maruja talked me through it, and once we started filming, I started relaxing and enjoying the video.

What can you do to deal with stress and anxiety

One thing I learned from my conversation with Maruja: Address your stress and anxiety, and become friends with it. You have stress and anxiety for a reason, for instance to stay awake and perform well right after. So if you can use it to your advantage, you can become stronger and better.


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Love, Lonneke