A few years ago I fell ill with a burnout/PTSD and suddenly had time on my hands to rethink everything in my life. So I did. My eyes opened to reality and I could not stay silent anymore, so I didn’t. I started following my own path, with Organiceyourlife.com, as well as transitioning into a complete new life. My newly found voice as a “free thinker” came with some resistance, and I also had an encounter with “cancel culture”.

Cancel culture

What is that, that “cancel culture” you might ask? Well I made a whole video about it, and how I deal with it. I encourage you to watch it.

Cancel culture is a movement that attacks a person or business, their families, friends, social & professional relationships with the goal to hurt that person’s/business’ social and/or professional life, hurt them financially and harass them publicly, just because they do not like what that person/business stands for, or what he/she has said. It is a type of censorship encouraging people to join in the activities, the so-called ‘mob’, to go after people, with the aim to completely ‘cancel’ that person or company. I used the example of Goya in the video, you can read more about it here:

READ MORE: The story of Boycott Goya

Cancel cancel culture

Even though I am a positive person, and always weigh my words carefully (because words matter) I decided that I was going to make sure nobody could ever threaten me by taking away my job or good name. Here are some tips that helped me a lot:

  • Become an independent and strong thinker. Do your research. Make sure you work on your mental stability to withstand the negativity that will come your way if you do not follow the mainstream. Being an outsider can be lonely, but it can also make you stronger and give you Peace and focus on the important things in life.
  • Think before you talk or act. Realize what the result can be and prepare accordingly.
  • Research the latest tactics of the cancel culture mob. It changes a bit periodically, so it is important to stay up to date of their behavior.
  • Become financially independent, and/or make sure your employer is supportive of you, so the impact of the mob going after your job and livelyhood is minimized.
  • Always be cordial, nice and do not engage in the cancel culture’s mob way of communicating.
  • Be calm, but don’t be complacent. Be vigilant and prepared.
  • Stay positive!

I hope you will do just fine with these tips.

Stay strong, and never bow to cancel culture!

Love, Lonneke