Making the perfect veggie burger is all about good ingredients, the right cooking and the right stacking. let’s start to see how I make my perfect burger!

There are 2 ways to make a veggie burger: to make the veggie patty from scratch, which is of course the best, but takes a lot of time, or use a good veggie burger from an organic food company. I have posted a homemade patty recipe before: Carrot lentil patty. I will post more different veggie patty recipes soon here on Organice Your Life®

Here is how I make the perfect veggie burger:

step 1. Choose a good patty. An organic vegan option is Amy’s veggie patty which you find in the freezer aisle.

step 2. Choose a good soft bun. I like the Ezekiel 4:9 sprouted whole grain buns by Food for Life  which you can find in the freezer aisle.

step 3: Choose fresh veggies/fruits that you slice into thin slices. I chose organic: red onion (veggie), tomato (fruit), lettuce (veggie). avocado (fruit).

veggie burger vegetables

step 4: optional: choose a nice cheese. I like organic, non-gmo, vegetarian Pepperjack cheese by Rumiano You can also leave cheese out or use a vegan cheese.

Step 5: grill the veggie patty in a skillet in a bit of coconut oil so it doesn’t stick to the pan. Medium heat.  First on one side until it gets golden brown, and then flip it. Add the cheese on top and lower the heat, put a lid over the burger for a few minutes so the patty gets hot and the cheese can melt.

veggie burger 2

Step 6: Cut the burger buns in half  and grill both sides on the side of the skillet until a bit crispy and brown.

Step 7. if you want ketchup or mustard, take the top part of the bun and add a squirt of both in the middle of the bun. I like Annie’s organic ketchup & Organicville mustard.

organicville mustard, annie's ketchup

Step 8. The stacking:

1. bottom first is the bottom of the bun.

2. Add a piece of lettuce.

3. Then the burger with melted cheese.

4. A slice of tomato.

5. Slice of red onion.

veggie burger stacking

6. Half of an avocado scooped out.

7 Top of the bun (with mustard/ketchup).

If you stack it this way you are most likely to keep the veggie burger together. If you pick up the burger, squeeze the back of the burger so all the ingredients come your way and not leak at the back! (see picture of my veggie burger)


Love, Lonneke

veggie burger