While a lot of people all over the World eat a sandwich for lunch, I decided to eat a macrobiotic lunch. A nutritious meal that is delicious and satiates the tastebuds. A very satisfying meal. It will take a bit longer than just the 2 minutes it takes to make a sandwich, but you can make more if you want to, and eat leftovers for days after. I made a mix of foods and you can make your own mix too with different foods.

My secret formula

What my lunch needs to include is: different nourishing foods of different colors that go well together, like rice or quinoa, a type of bean, a salad, some kind of seaweed, avocado, and optional: a kind of fish.

My lunch today:

Rice & lentils

I cooked the rice and lentils seperately. The rice with a pinch of salt, I drained both and mixed them together. Yummy and you don’t need seasoning.

A salad

A salad made of watercress, little gem & sprouts, with a dressing made of a bit of olive oil, seasalt & 2 teaspoons of premade organic pesto. Mix it all up! add tomato (this is not Macrobiotic, because in a Macrobiotic diet tomatoes are seen as a “no go”. Read my article on what is a macriobiotic diet HERE>)


Sliced avocado

A seaweed salad

Hijiki salad. I soaked dried hijiki ( a kind of seaweed rich in dietary fiber and  a high amount of essential minerals as calcium, magnesium & iron) of  for 15 minutes. Then I cooked it for 15 minutes. I drained it, cut it up and stir fried it a bit with  fresh ginger, Mirin (a Japanese sweet rice wine) and Tamari (a kind of soy sauce). All these ingredients are for sale at any healthfood store, or at Wholefoods.


2 tiny slices of smoked salmon (you can skip if you want it vegetarian) with dried dill herbs.

You put it all on a plate and when eating take a bit of each on a fork and eat it so all the flavors mix. Healthy lunch, yummy and I wasn’t feeling hungry for a long time! Win-win situation!

Love, Lonneke