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Healthy lunch recipe

While a lot of people all over the World eat a sandwich for lunch, I decided to go a more macrobiotic way. A nutritious meal that is delicious and satiates the tastebuds. A very satisfying meal. It will take a bit longer than just the 2 minutes it takes to make a sandwich, but you can make more if you want to, and eat leftovers for days after. I made a mix of foods and you can make your own mix too with different foods.

My secret formula? What my lunch needs to include is: rice or quinoa, a type of bean, a salad, some kind of seaweed, avocado, and optional: a kind of fish.

My lunch:

– Rice & lentils: I cooked the rice and lentils seperately. The rice with a pinch of salt, I drained both and mixed them together. Yummy and you don’t need seasoning.

-A salad made of watercress, little gem & sprouts, with a dressing made of a bit of olive oil, seasalt & 2 teaspoons of premade organic pesto. Mix it all up! add tomato (this is not Macrobiotic, because in a Macrobiotic diet tomatoes are seen as a “no go”. Read my article on what is a macriobiotic diet HERE>)

-sliced avocado

-Hijiki salad. I soaked dried hijiki ( a kind of seaweed rich in dietary fiber and  a high amount of essential minerals as calcium, magnesium & iron) of  for 15 minutes. Then I cooked it for 15 minutes. I drained it, cut it up and stir fried it a bit with  fresh ginger, Mirin (a Japanese sweet rice wine) and Tamari (a kind of soy sauce). All these ingredients are for sale at any healthfood store, at Wholefoods and in the Netherlands at Ekoplaza.

-2 tiny slices of smoked salmon (you can skip if you want it vegetarian) with dried dill herbs.

You put it all on a plate and when eating take a bit of each on a fork and eat it so all the flavors mix. Healthy lunch, yummy and I wasn’t feeling hungry for a long time! Win-win situation!

Love, Lonneke



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