February or September? That means Fashion Weeks are happening!

If you’ve ever been in New York City around this time – you would have noticed a lot of models in the streets running around in high heels with their portfolios in their hands. I remember first time I came to New York – which was 7 years ago. I remember how stressful it was for me: no time to rest, no time to sleep and no time to a grab fresh, nutritious meal!

I’ll share with you some tips and tricks how to choose the right foods that will leave you satisfied, without bloating or putting on extra pounds. Just a few ideas that you can do at home or when you have time to eat out in the restaurants with your friends.

Valentina’s tips

  • Start your day with big glass of warm water with freshly squeezed lemon juice.
  • Always have green salad before your main course. Ok, honestly, who wants salad after a bowl of pasta?!
  • Have fruits for breakfast and try to snack on fruits until the lunchtime.
  • Drink your water! The moment you think you are hungry. Drink a glass of water and then ask your self “Am I still hungry?” it happens to me all the time – my body is just asking for water.
  • Replace cow milk with almond milk. I make my own almond milk at home and I add it to my raw granola for a tasty breakfast. I add almond milk to my smoothies and many other recipes. It is a delicious vegan alternative to animal or other milks.
  • Replace white sugar, brown sugar, and all kinds of artificial sweeteners with stevia, Agave, yakon syrup or coconut palm sugar!
  • Snack on RAW nuts and seeds: when you snack on roasted nuts (or baked or in any other way cooked) they can cause acne. Nuts are very dense and highly fatty food. When you eat them in raw state, those fats are extremely healthy for us, but once nuts been heated above 105F they become rancid – not a beauty food you want to put in your body!
  • Choose sweet yam potatoes over regular white potatoes.
  • Choose vegetables and fruits that are still attached to their roots and vines, because they have more nutrients: for example tomatoes on the vines, fresh herbs in pots, carrots and beetroots with their tops attached etc.
  • Eat whole foods rather than pre packed, pre cut, preserved, pre made… Avoid frozen ready-to-eat microwave dinners, avoid canned corn, beans, tuna.. Buy a whole watermelon and cut it freshly at home rather than buying it already cut into pieces (and think of the waste you create when you get your sliced fruits in plastic wrapping).
  • Always have a (protein) bar with you in case of emergencies. The idea is to choose the right one – I like “Vega Whole Food Raw Energy Bar”.

I wish you a happy Meal–and to models: Good Luck with new season!

Love, Val.