I want to talk about our furry friends and what we feed them every day.


I am a big cat lover. Since I was little, I always had a cat. My parents didn’t have money for “fancy cat food” – prepackaged dry crackers or canned chicken. So, my mom had to feed our cats with raw meat or fish – which is a natural diet for cats in the wild.

New York City

I moved to New York in 2003 . After being here for a while, I got one cat and after a year another one. At first I didn’t care what I feed my cats – I never read the labels, I never Googled the company… But once I became conscious of what I eat, I became aware of my cats’ diet as well.

My healthy cats’ diet

Now their diet consist of 50% organic raw chicken and 50% of high quality canned food. And never tap water! They drink same fresh filtered water as I do. My cats loved ” Blue Buffalo” and “Wellness” – these two companies use only real meat and fresh fruits and vegetables in their products.

How to feed your cats the best food

When you shop for pet food, always read labels. Stay away from companies that use bad animal by-products – like ” animal carcasses, parts of animal carcasses, products of animal origin which are not intended for human consumption, includes catering waste – all waste food from restaurants, catering facilities, central kitchens, slaughterhouses (!) and household kitchen ‘ – according to online information. If this information doesn’t make you think twice about what you feed your cats, I don’t know what will.

When I see my healthy cats, happy, full of energy and with shiny coat – it makes me smile!

Love, Valentina Zelyaeva

First published By Valentina on OrganiceYourLife.com on September 26th 2010, updated in 2019